Scouting Forums Application Manager down?

Is there a current outage with the Application Manager on

it is fine for me - if still having issues try it in a private window

I myself have been having issues for the last 24 hours. It will not load that part of the site and I also have adult volunteers that can not get the page to load. I was able to replicate the problem in multiple browsers.

I have been stuck at the spinning “Loading resources, please wait…” for days.

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definitely the worse time of the year for this to happen. I jokingly said that I was going to double the size of my pack and did exactly that!

There is definitely an issue. I just get the spinny Loading Resources, although I was in it this morning no problem.

They have APIs failing and are working on it

Any ETA on this issue? We can’t accept or do anything with online applications right now.

We had a parent sign up there child last night using online registration through my.scouting and the application is not showing on our end to be able to approve it. I can see the application manager, but no applications are showing up. This is a terrible time to have this system fail. We are trying to eliminate using paper applications to make this process faster and smoother. Is there an estimate on when it will be back up and running properly.

SUAC does not have direct contact to that group

Problems with should be reported to via the Jira Customer Portal or by calling 972-580-2489 from 7am to 7pm Central Time.

I successfully accepted an online app earlier this evening. Are you sure they selected the right unit?

My issue with the application manager was fixed the next day.

I have been trying for two days to get BeAScout and my.scouting to show my applications. I want to download the QVC symbol for my sign up night tonight and cannot access my account through any computer or through the app. disgusted that this is happening at such a critical time!

I was just able to get in to there. BSA rents server space from an outside vendor. The vendor was having trouble yesterday into last evening with at least the the BSA part of their system.

there are also reports you can get in Invitation manager then switch to application manager there

Thank you. I am now able to get into both programs. However, when I accepted an application for my Pack, the wheel is still “spinning” 10 minutes later. I am afraid to leave the site for fear I will lose the lead.