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My member ID#5531773, Pathway to Adventure Council (456)

I just did a “Using ScoutBook” forum post/interaction and was surprised when the email notices arrived at my older email account. In going to Preferences/Account/Email in the Scouting Forums, I can see that my older email is still there as primary and nothing about my newer email as configured in my My.Scouting.Org profile. Furthermore, I cannot manually correct the email there because it says “Email can be updated from authentication provider” of which I have no idea who the provider is. How to get this corrected and why has this not automatically been done already?


I updated it.
Your email should be your gmail address now

Thanks!!! Yes my email is now correctly updated.

Is this always a manual update process or is there some kind of automated process that did not take care of this? Regardless, is there some mechanism where I can submit a bug report or feature request regarding this issue?

There shouldn’t be. I am asking the developers to look into it.

Reporting bugs here is fine.

You can also ask your council registrar to submit tickets. Here is faster though.

my account has the wrong email
is shows

my email is

can you tell me how to fix this?

Thank you!

For the forums?
For Scoutbook?

@TheodoreMoberg I assume you mean for the forums? This should be fixed now.

Thank you

I have one more thing.

There are two troop 471 in my dashboard. 471 and 471b. 471B is correct and the other is an empty account. I am the only person in it

Thank you


You are probably the last admin in 471. Go to the roster page for Troop 741 and click End All Positions then log out and back in. The troop should disappear.

I do not see anything that says End all Positions…



It is strange that there are no unit admins in this unit. Only unit admins see End All Positions.

If you can get us the UnitID (in the URL) we may be able to fix this for you.

@TheodoreMoberg Can you click on your positions in that unit and add an end date?

I can find the page to add an end date under Troop 3471B, but under 3471 I can see my name but cannot change anything



I removed your ASM position in the “extra” troop. Please log off Scoutbook then log in to verify it is fixed.

@edavignon “zombie” patrol

That did it! It is gone.

Thank you!!!


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