Forum post flagged for moderation (and not reviewed)

Our troop uses a forum post here on Scoutbook to share private links to photo galleries for events, both for viewing and for uploading. We just edit a post that everyone has bookmarked, and that we link from our site, using Scoutbook’s login system to keep this private.

This post was flagged for moderation by a spam detector; it indicated that someone would look at this within a day, but it’s been closer to a week and no update. How do we get someone to validate that our post (from my account) isn’t spam? Thanks!

@MarkScott3 hmmmmm… not heard of that - perhaps post URL of it and I will see if I can get to it. @edavignon thoughts?

Can send a private message for url if you want

Unit forms have not worked correctly since the day the BSA turned them on. We have tried to get the BSA to make the necessary changes to fix the issues such as members not being added or removed as they leave the unit but nothing has been done.

I recommend using a different form of communications such as a Google Group. While this needs to be manually managed, it is better than a system that is supposed to be automatically managed but the management does not work as expected.

As for unit forum moderation it is supposed to go to the unit forum’s moderator which is supposed to be Key 3, however, that function may not work either.

The URL to the post that’s blocked on moderation is Thanks!

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