Troop Forum reports "Oops! That page doesn't exist or is private"

Our troop would like to use our troop forum in scoutbook (accessed from “Troop Forum” link on our troop page). When I click on the link, I see the forum and a post that I created last year. When a parent tested this same link while logged into Scoutbook, he gets “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”.

How can I (or someone with the appropriate permissions) enable the forum for parents? When I go to the forum, I see the title “Council 053 - Troop 0308B (130690)”.

We are both working with Windows desktops, using Edge / Chrome browsers.

I am SB User ID: 9293471 BSA Member ID: 12462672

The parent who is testing and cannot see our forum is SB User ID: 12152985, BSA Member ID: 14031178. This parent can see our troop calendar, send message to troop leaders, etc.

Troop 308.

Note - we just found the somewhat-hidden option in internet advancement to “SYNC UNIT MEMBERS” for the private unit forum. We tried that, and waited 5 minutes, but the testing parent still cannot see our troop forum. To others who are looking for this option:

  • Internet Advancement
  • scroll down to “Units settings - troop abc” in right pane
  • On line that says “GO TO PRIVATE UNIT FORUM” click on the right arrow “>” at end of line.
  • This opens a drop-down menu with option to “SYNC UNIT MEMBERS”.


Unit forums have never worked even near right - and likely never will - new members do not come in - old members do not drop -

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It would be nice to have fixing them on the backlog as it is a nice idea.

It is on the backlog - but the adoption was under 1% of units if I recall - so that puts an ROI on it

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But just think about how much a unit forum will be worth if you hang onto it

Hi All - Thank you for the fast replies.

If unit forums in Scoutbook are a no-go, what are troops using instead? A colleague of mine said his troop uses a private Facebook group, but about 1/3rd of our parents are not on Facebook (or not active). If we set up a google group, then we are maintaining two sets of email addresses, dropping/adding people, etc. We are looking for a low-maintenance solution…


@FrankChance - I think the best approach is to bring this up at a roundtable and see what the local population is doing

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