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I know that I should have been checking more often. I have not looked at my son’s Scoutbook Account since Covid lock downs. We have been on Scoutbook since he was a Tiger, and he is now a Weblo 1. When I log in, all I can see is my adult account. I did training so I could be a chartered council member. Have we lost all of my son’s accomplishments over the last 3+ years? I can’t even look to see what he needs to do for this year. Cub Master tried to help, but it didn’t work.

The information shouldn’t be lost, but rather is likely linked to your “original” Scoutbook account. How are you logging in to Scoutbook?

I am logging in the same as always. My computer had it memorized. I have tried my email. I checked the email that I originally received saying the Cub Master has created an account. Same email. The system looked up a user name for me. I tried that. Same results.

When the cubmaster looks at your scout in the unit roster, does it show his advancement? Does the CM see you as connected to your scout? I’m trying to sort out whether it’s a connection issue for you or an account issue with your scout.

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