Scoutbook parent- child confusion

I serve on the committee as treasurer for our Cub Scout troop. My son is a member. His account allows us to sign in, but it has all adult items to complete. No wolf scout book. I can’t see what he has finished and what needs completed.

I then tried to log into my account and it can’t find me or won’t let me log in. I have done my training on line, so I was able access it at the beginning of the year. I’m Katie West, my son is Jacob West.

What do we need to do? Also, I used the same email for both accounts. Could that have caused the problem? I have to say, I am not happy with this program at all. I am not able to utilize it easily. This is not the first problem I have had.

@JacobWest you are logging in as your Scout not you. use user name WestXxx3 - that is your account (Xxx - is a word you will know)

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