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Scoutbook & my.scouting issue

I have 2 Scouts. My older son’s my.scouting account disappeared and it took 3 months to get it corrected. I believe it was a Scoutbook issue. The day it got fixed my younger son’s accounts got messed up. The advancement chair cannot view/change/add in my.scouting account and on Scoutbook it says he is not on a troop roster, when I can clearly see he is on the roster in my.scouting. I spoke with someone at National over 2 weeks ago and I was supposed to be emailed a ticket # which I did not receive. And his account is not fixed. The AC has also been in contact with Council.
Any ideas on if there is something I can do to get it fixed.

What is your role in the unit?

when you say their “my.scouting account” What exactly are you referring to? a account is the account that you log into with. Most scouts do not have one unless they have been to a Jamboree or other national activity.

When the AC clicks on his name, under internet advancement 2.0 in it says “logged in user does not have access to youth’s advancement record.”
When I look in Scoutbook it says" has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council." She has checked with council and they tell her it’s a National issue. I’ve tried National and have not heard anything since my call 2 weeks ago.
We have not had any issues with any of the other Scouts in the troop, only mine. We are the only family that uses Scoutbook.

This usually indicates that something is different between the scout’s record on the official roster and as it appears in Scoutbook. Check the spelling of the name, whether a middle initial is used in one place and the full name in another, date of birth, BSA ID number, which council is listed in the scout’s profile at Scoutbook. @SUAC, did I miss anything on the list?

This might be a consequence of the first issue. If the scout isn’t synchronizing, then I can see where it may prevent the AC from being able to access the account. I would expect it to lead to a conflict in the roster on the advancement database, which is the same database whether it’s accessed through Scoutbook ( or IA2 (

I am assuming that the Advancement Chair has been assigned that functional role in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting. If not, I would expect them to have problems accessing records in general.

Yeah - check the Scoutbook Profile against the my.scouting member manager (a unit Key 3 can get you this). Did you create these Scoutbook accounts for your sons? That would explain it if they are different.

From your scout’s page, click edit profile. Look at the bsa member number. Is there one? Check with your unit leadership if it matches what they see on the official roster.

Has your scout recently changed units? Either a complete change or moving up from the pack to the troop?

All the info is the same, name, address, BSA#. I’m in the process of switching to Committee Chair for the troop. I’m just waiting for council to complete the process, my paperwork was turned in weeks ago.
In Scoutbook he’s matched to the Troop even his patrol. In my.scouting he’s on the roster.

The account was set up by the pack he belonged to prior to bridging back in February. I’ve had no issues with the account until a few weeks ago.

I just spoke with National and they said it was an issue with the AC and he reset her. She checked and it’s not fixed.

I’ve had fixes from nationals take overnight to hit, depending on what they changed.

@ChristineKershaw, I think you might have two Scoutbook accounts. It is possible that your sons also have duplicate accounts, and that might be causing their issues.

Please send an e-mail to Scoutbook support and ask them to look for duplicate accounts for you. Also ask them to approve your sons’ membership in their troop in Scoutbook. Please include as much identifying information as you can (such as: full names, BSA ID #s, troop number, council name, etc.). The e-mail for Scoutbook support is:

Thanks. I’ll have her check it tomorrow.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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