Need roster of all adults in council

I have created many tools to generate lists of Merit Badge Counselors for the districts and units in our council. Using Scoutnet our registrar would create two CSV files for me. One contained all registered adults in the council. The other contained all Merit Badge Counselors and their merit badges. I can get the data I need about the counselors via reports that I can run via Scoutbook. The council has not been able to create a suitable adults file for me. I’m looking for advice that I can share with the council so they (or I) can generate the file.

@BobPaver Sorry to be confused, but I fail to grasp why any individual has need to contact every adult in the council. Convincing the Council leadership to send something on your behalf is more plausible. YIS.


Your registrar can create that. They can reach out on the Workplace for assistance. Not sure why you want the entire council. If you are trying to recruit more MBC, you might check with the person who sends out the council emails to get it on their radar.
Marian McQuaid, Spirit of Adventure Council


I use information from the adult roster to create Merit Badge Counselor lists broken down by district and units. The registered unit type and number is not included in the MBC data provided by Scoutbook. It’s a long story.

That’s because MBCs are not registered with a unit, they are registered with a district or council.


Check if a CSV export of the YPT Aging Report has the information you are seeking.

I fully understand MBCs are registered at the district and council level. My process takes the BSA ID of the counselor and looks for them in the registered adult data to find unit info–if it exists–which it does for many MBCs. For example, you’re a MBC registered for Swimming, Wilderness Survival and Citizenship in Society. Using your BSA ID, I search the registered adult data and find that you are in a registered position with Troop 99. Now I can associate you with Troop 99 and include you on the list of counselors “from” Troop 99.

Not perfect, but I could find unit info for perhaps 80-90% of the MBCs in the council.

@PaulStrasma Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check with our registrar.