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Unable to access Scoutbook

I am only able to access the den leader version of scoutbook. Anyone else having an issue?

I can get to the Den Leader Experience and internet advancement, but nothing else. I’m trying to email the pack, but I don’t see a way to do that right now.

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hmm odd. I can get into den area but I need to get into the scoutbook for troops area.

Tonight’s Scoutbook update is still in progress. If you issue started after 9:00 PM Central, it could be related to the updates.


oh didn’t know that was going on thank you!

Good luck with your migration! Thanks for the hard work that I’m sure you’re putting into it.

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The update has finished. If the issues persist, try clearing your browser cache.

I can’t get in either, only Internet advancement. When is the update finished?

@NancyDurie - please clear your browser cache and cookies and then use the url scoutbook.scouting.org and use the login button.

From the SUAC Chair:

The development team is working the issue so people don’t have to do this, but for now, people will need to clear their cookies for Scoutbook.com if they have issues accessing. Sorry for the inconvenience, this was not intended. Instructions here: https://www.privacypolicies.com/blog/how-to-delete-cookies/

The easiest way to clear your cache is to clear browsing data.

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