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Getting parents logged into scoutbook

I just setup a demo “parent” to test the flow our parents will need to follow.

I used a new email and signed up via Scout Book. I was never taken to which I’m happy about.

I was asked to create a new password. This worked fine and I am logged in. Great!

I then tried to login to the Scouting app which is recommended by This never works. The subtle print on the app says “my.scouting login is required.”

I’m super worried that our parents are going to try to install and use the app which is recommended. They are going to be confused.

Seperately, I’m very frustrated with the SMS support. That thread was closed unanswered, but it still doesn’t work well for many users who receive an attachment. Just use Twilio and be done with it.

@RyanCromwell - parents do not have to use the app and where specifically is it recommended?

Right in the big header on

@RyanCromwell - the word recommended is not really there but it can see folks being tempted to go that route. I generally give my parents the direct url to login and avoid the landing page. In fact I have not seen the page in a while. Now on the SMS you recommend what is the pricing and is there an API for scoutbook?

Yes, it looks like we will explicitly recommend against it. Parents will remember the name scoutbook (it’s a great name), so I know they’ll end up there.

Twilio is built for developers, so yes, there is an API. I don’t know if it fits the cost structure needed for

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