Handling Transfer Outs within the Payment Log Report

When I run my Payment Log report, I only want to see the active scouts. However, a recent transfer out continues to show up on my report as he has transactions during the period. I’d like to either have an option to only show active scouts OR the ability to make a payment log entry to net zero out the balance of entries in his name.

The way it is supposed to work now is dependent on the activity period you select when you run the report.

  1. If the Scout who left has a transaction in your reporting period, the Scout is included in the reports.
  2. If the Scout has an outstanding balance, they are included in the reports.
  3. If the Scout has a zero balance, and there are NO transactions in your reporting period, they do not appear in the reports.

If you have an account for a Scout that left, with a non-zero balance, you can use the Search Payment Logs to find the account. When found, you can click on it and edit it to zero it out if you choose.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to make an entry to zero out the account. I wasn’t aware of that capability.

David Reisinger

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