Having trouble entering in advancement

Hi, this year our Pack Advancement Chair is able to enter rank and award info. When she selects Adventure from the drop-down menu the pop-up box disappears. When this first happened our charter was being processed so we thought this was the hold up. She is still having trouble. She has been assigned as the Advancement Chair by our Committee Chair. Last year she was able to enter info without any issues. Any thoughts?

Her ID#13366499, initials A.P., Council 039

Thank you! Danielle

I’m assuming this is in Scoutbook (https://scoutbook.scouting.org) rather than IA2 (https://advancements.scouting.org), based on where you posted the question. Is your AC using quick entry or going to the individual scouts’ advancement pages? I’m not quite sure which pop-up box you’re referring to if it’s in Scoutbook.

If it is in IA2, is it the entire pop-up that’s disappearing, or is the pop-up going blank, or something different?

Often times, I find that using an Incognito/Private Browsing window (which typically has the effect of suppressing any plugins/add-ons in the browser) helps with diagnosing whether it’s something specific to my machine or something that’s impacting Scoutbook/IA2 more broadly.


Her record looks correct.

The symptom you are describing often is a result of a Scout not being assigned to a den. Check to make sure all of your Scouts are in dens and if not, place them into the appropriate den.

I have sent her your posts and let her know how to login into the Forum so that she can respond. Thank you for the help so far! Good things to know! Thank you, Danielle

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