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Hazardous Weather completions missing

I have 4 leaders that have provided screen shots of their completion of SCO_800 and yet when I run a trained leaders report, they show up as missing this requirement. How can I update their records?

you can go to my.scouting.org and use training manager to add the training

Was this taken within the past 2 years? It expires.

This training has all been done in the last year. When did BSA set this training to expire? Mine has not expired and it is has been over 3 years since I completed it.

It’s been set up to expire for some time, because I wouldn’t have retaken it in 2019 if it hadn’t expired (despite how much fun online training can be…). It’s odd that yours doesn’t show an expiration date in my.scouting.

ETA: Yeah, even the old WS81 Weather Hazards had a two-year expiration on it as far back as 2012.

Hazardous Weather FAQ’s
April 10, 2018
Q. Is this a membership requirement like Youth Protection training?
A. No. This is a direct contact leader positioned trained requirement effective April 30, 2018.
Q. Is this a new requirement?
A. No. Since 2008, at least one person on any tour or activity has been required to
have hazardous weather training. It is also a requirement for all camp staff as part of
the NCAP standards SQ-402.


It isn’t a “hard fail” on the training green&red yes/no. It turns “blue” when expired and will turn green when current.

@RobertEberhart I sent you a private message asking for more information (adult leader names, BSA member numbers, and dates they completed SCO-800).

Our council resolved the issue. Thanks

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