Hazardous Weather Expired, but still "Trained"?

A quirk of my.scouting.org Training Report is that it does NOT track Hazardous Weather lapsing.

So, for example, an ASM must have SCO_800 to be “position trained”. However, SCO_800 is only good for 2 years. Once it is lapsed/expired, the ASM is still listed as “trained”.

This creates confusion in that ASMs are telling me (troop trainer) they are trained, but when I actually start to pull training reports I’m seen lapses/expirations.

Is there some way to address this from an IT perspective?

Safety wants all Safety courses taken every 2 years if you go on outings that the course pertains to. However once you are trained in a position you are always trained. But note, that if you are going on outings, you must keep the Safety course up to date. That pertains to all safety courses that would be needed on the type of activity you participate in.

There really isn’t a way to mark safety courses elapsed and link it to leader trained, since there are many different types of outings, and some leaders go on different ones and none at all

And ScoutsBSA wants you to take hazardous training at least once.

But it is possible to do with YPT. In other words, when YPT lapses, it indicates, in red, lapse or expired.

So, when I pull Training Manager YPT has 3 status colors

Current = Green
Never Take = Dark Red
Expired = Light Red

Trained only has

Not Trained

But wouldn’t the lapsing of Hazardous Weather render the person “Not Trained” anymore? (See highlighted portion)

You need to talk to council on this - if they want a change they can send in a national ticket on it

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I believe it does. If you go to my.scouting, it says “YES” in red vs green. So, it keep you trained, but does show you sort of are not.

It doesn’t. I’ve got 5 ASMs with lapsed Hazardous Weather. They are still posting green/trained/Yes


Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 14-23-03 Trained Leaders Status

YPT is a membership requirement. Hazardous Weather is an activity requirement. Different things….

And my reference was to neither.

The question was as to training.

If it is required to be “position trained” that an ASM take Hazardous Weather training, why does that status not lapse when Hazardous Weather lapses after 2 years? And why does it not reflect in the training records as this person is no longer considered trained?

Or is it that “trained” means only that the person has taken it once in their lives and never has to take it again?

You are right. I think the red yes was someone without hazardous training vs elapsed hazardous training.

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It is only required once to be position trained. If you are participating on an activity where it is required, you need to keep it up to date.

It is required to be trained. If it expires, you are no longer trained.

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