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SCO_800 hazardous weather training - leader training requirement

Direct Contact Leaders - Have you renewed your hazardous weather training?\

This training must be renewed every two years. See: BSA national General Health and Safety FAQs

This course is available online at the BSA learn center (accessed via https://my.scouting.org/.

Hazardous Weather FAQ’s - April 10, 2018

Published in the BSA The Training Times, May 2018.

Q. Is this a membership requirement like Youth Protection training?

A. No. This is a direct contact leader positioned trained requirement effective April 30, 2018.

Q. What happened to my previous credit for Hazardous Weather (WS81)?

A. Course code WS81 has been retired. To stay current, the new course (SCO_800) needed to be taken after WS81 was two years old. (Verb tense updated 2020.)

Q. At what point in my training do I need to take Hazardous Weather (SCO_800)?

A. The course is available for you to take at any time but is a required course to achieve position trained status as a trained leader. It is recommended that you take the course before an outdoor activity.

Q. What direct contact positions are now required to take Hazardous Weather to be considered position trained?

  • CA Assistant Cubmaster
  • CM Cubmaster
  • DA Assistant Den Leader
  • DL Den Leader
  • MT Mate
  • NA Crew Associate Advisor
  • NL Crew Advisor
  • SA Assistant Scoutmaster
  • SK Skipper
  • SM Scoutmaster
  • WA Assistant Webelos Den Leader
  • WL Webelos Den Leader
  • 10 11 Year old Scout Leader (LDS)
  • EA Explorer Post Advisor
  • AA Explorer Post Associate Advisor

NOTE – this includes all assistant leaders of these positions.

Some weather safety resources

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