Trained Status for those positions needing Weather Hazards training plan

It has been over 2 years since Weather Hazards was included into the training requirements for positions such as Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster. Is there a plan for the Trained status to account for this and start showing these individuals as untrained when the Weather Hazards training is expired or never taken? Currently I know of individuals where they are still considered trained when they’ve never taken Weather Hazards or Weather Hazards is expired. That seems like a gap unless Weather Hazards is made to not expire. My interpretation is that any individual in one of these positions should be showing as untrained after April 30, 2020 if they have not taken Weather Hazards since April 30, 2018 when it was included into the Trained requirements.


You can check the person’s status on all classes in the Training Manager.

I haven’t posted this new feature released yesterday yet… but look at the QUICK SEARCH in Training Manager (accessible at the council level and below using those types of profiles), and the REALLY neat Positions Trained feature!!!

FYI @edavignon … DONE!!! :wink:

That’s nice but not really what I asked. It’s still the case that it is saying someone is Scoutmaster trained if Weather Hazards is over 2 years old. That maybe made sense as a grandfathering thing when that change was made in 2018. After April 2020 though, grandfathering no longer makes sense. You don’t call someone a licensed driver after their license expires do you? Thus what I’m asking about… If Weather Hazards has not been taken in the last 2 years or has never been taken, it should no longer be showing those positions as trained. Currently it does. Either weather hazards shouldn’t be considered to expire or the trained status should related to whether it has expired.

Sounds like you want to change ScoutingU’s business rule.

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Not necessarily. They are the ones that say Hazardous Weather is 2 years and the ones that say Hazardous Weather is part of being Trained. Their FAQ addresses that when initially implemented, Hazardous Weather wasn’t needed, but it’s unclear if the intent was to grandfather people in initially or once trained, you’re always trained. So what happens after 2 years to that Trained status? This is unaddressed in their FAQ. Both of those are their rule. It’s never been clear what to do at that expiration time, none of the other components of being Trained have expirations, but Hazardous Weather does. Hazardous Weather Training | Boy Scouts of America ( Is it meant that Hazardous Weather is one-and-done as far as being Trained but that the renewal comes into play for point 9 of the Sweet 16 of BSA safety incorporated into the Guide to Safe Scouting. Activity Planning and Risk Assessment | Boy Scouts of America ( This seems perhaps like the current implementation, but is that by design or because the impact of expiration has never been implemented?

Matt Johnson in a non-commissioner thread indicates this is somewhat implemented at least sufficiently that this information is easy to gather without looking at individual training histories Weather Training Expired - My Scouting Tools - Scouting Forums

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It was my understanding when Hazardous Wether Training became required, it was required only for leaders that were not currently positioned trained. Anyone that was already position trained was not required to take Hazardous Weather Training to remain position trained. I have never seen any mention of these leaders needing to take Hazardous Weather Training two years after the announcement to remain trained.

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I think the easiest way to resolve this issue is to let the ScoutingU experts advise what is required. Perhaps @TimothyRogers would care to weigh in…

Hi, Brant - I think about it just like YPT. If you don’t renew it every two years, you are no longer trained. I know that the training manager treats it that way. You will show up as untrained when it expires.