Hazardous Weather Training Tracking


I searched but didn’t seen anything recent about this situation… I understand that it is now required to redo the Hazardous Weather training every two years, just like YPT. I have several leaders who completed their position training/etc more than 2 years ago and should theoretically be due for the HWT but when I run my training report - they appear to be fine? I have two on here showing as due - but they are brand new leader who just joined in the first few weeks… they know what needs to be done… but what about all the others?

@EricaReed1 In the Training Manager,

  1. Click on the Reports tab (on the left side).
  2. Then to the right of “SPECIFIC TRAINING COURSE REPORT” click on “Select”.
  3. Enter “weather” and then select “Hazardous Weather Training”.
  4. Then click on “Run Report”.

The report will list everyone in your unit who has taken the Hazardous Weather Training course and their expiration dates.


Awesome that tool exists - I had never discovered it. Thank you! Now if only it would generate some sort of notification/etc like YPT does when it is expired!! - Cause I guarantee there are a lot of units out there who don’t know to do this!


Is anyone else having an issue with Training Manager not showing the latest completion dates for Hazardous Weather Training?
I can see a 7/31/23 completion date in training.scouting.org, but that is not appearing in the Training Manager. It only shows an old expired course date.


The official training record is stored in the Akela Database. The last completion recorded for you for Hazardous Weather is 2/9/2021.

If you do not let the course run to the very end it will not record as complete. You may end up having to take it again.

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@edavignon training.scouting.org shows my training 100% complete

I contacted my council, but never heard anything back.

But since Haz Weather doesn’t affect “Trained” status. I guess I won’t worry about it or whatever dates it’s reporting for anyone else. I know I took it, regardless of what the training report says.

@TimothyRogers Any ideas here? Akela is showing SCO_800 last taken in 2021.