Hazardous Weather Training modual

Need to renew Hazardous Weather Training, but the
system seems to be broken.
I have rebooted, reloaded, cleared history, cookies, caches, etc.
I’m using windows 11 and have tried on 10 also, but no avail (Chrome)
Have also tried incognito, but does not work there also.
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Three Fires Council

Thank you

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2) Operating system
3) Browser
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Thank you!)

@Ruth_AnnSchatz - I just tried and it worked for me. Please ensure that your web browser view/zoom settings are at 100% or slightly lower

My zoom is 95/100
I’ve played with many settings

My experience has been is that it isn’t just the zoom, but the scaling of the computer. To make things look crisper on displays as the became higher resolution, the OS does some fancy scaling. The “training” software doesn’t always scale the control buttons well.

This is a guess, but you can check it out and see…

Since you are on Windows, you can check to see if my theory is affecting you, go to the settings>System>Size and Layout (this is from Windows 10, but I assume it is similar in 11).

What this does is makes everything bigger on the high resolution screen so it looks shaper and not just smaller.


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On windows 11 it is here:

Did you get an answer to the issue? I’m struggling wiht this module only. I’ve probably done it 2 or 3 times since it keeps resetting with every browser change. Not sure what else to do at this point. :frowning:

@StellaLemberg - my best advice on this training is to take it without interruption in one setting.

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Yeah, getting it all done in one go is important. My wife just completed it on Chrome on a Win 10 laptop.



Hazardous Weather Training stores progress in cookies. Switching browsers or computers will cause the progress to appear to be lost.

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Thank you for the feedback, I do apprecaite it.

I was able to get it complete by going incognito mode. It only took me 10 times to do it and finding this message board. Oh well, glad it’s done.

Unfortunately something kept happening when I was doing it in one time. The tornado traning was not acknowledging that I finished the vidoe I guess. I was able to get it complete by going incognito. Not sure why or how this helped, but it did.

@StellaLemberg - glad you were able to finish the training. Incognito mode being successful points to a browser issue

I’ve been getting to 80% on Hazardous Weather training & there’s no play/continue option once I get to a certain point. I’ve tried on 3 different computers, multiple browsers, but am mainly using Chrome. I tried last summer, then again recently & it stops at the same point. I did notice above on a different thread said it’s better to do it all at the same time. I was doing it at different times. Is there a way to be able to finish it? I’m going to Seabase in a couple months & need to finish it.
I responded to this thread because I couldn’t find the option to start a new one. Hope you see it!!

@HeatherCampbell5 - can you try a chrome incognito or private session and run through it at one time.

I’ll try that tonight after Scouts. I’ll let you know, thanks for responding.


Thank you for the instructions! I was going to ask my husband, he’s more technical, lol. I’ve done it before, but was trying to remember how.

Having trouble completing BALOO online training. The program either freezes up or resets completely at a certain point.

Which browser are you using? Have you tried incognito/private browsing mode (i.e. with browser plugins turned off)?

ETA: Are you on mobile/tablet or desktop/laptop? OS?