YPT and hazardous weather expire time

I get emails from the system and BSA when my YPT is about to expire, but not for the hazardous weather (hw). Will BSA ever tie the two together? and why not? So many leaders let the hw expire and forget how important the topic is or should be. Can we add this to the already extremely long backlog list of future features? Just asking for a friend…


Very good idea. This should be done.

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It probably needs to go up the chain via the council to get any attention/resource commitment.


I’m in agreement on this. Hazardous Weather expirations caused all sorts of problems for Scouters at recharter time this year in my council, because of expirations that the Scouter was not aware of. Many, many recharters were held up until these Scouters redid their training.

If it’s going to be a requirement for rechartering for CM/SM/ASM, then we should be reminded of it the same way we are for YPT.

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This must have been a council requirement as my council did not do this check at recharter time.

Our council requires all direct-contact Scouters to be fully trained for their positions or they will be dropped at recharter, like how those without current YPT are dropped. For CM/SM/ASM, that means requiring Hazardous Weather. Many councils have a similar requirement.

Even if it weren’t a council-specific requirement to be fully position trained, Hazardous Weather is still required to be taken every 2 years for a Scouter to be recognized as fully trained, and you need at least one person who is hazardous weather trained on every outing. It would be nice if we got a notification of that the same way we do for YPT.

I think that requirement isn’t broad.

My point was that while I’d like this auto email, the urgency may not be as high since many councils don’t require it for recharter.

We have requested HWT be added as an option in Roster Builder, similar to YPT.

Keep in mind, all expiration dates shown will be the national dates. If a Council has a shorter expiration the unit will need to manually track that.


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