Health care Professions missing on Council MB in progress report

In the MB report on the dashboard Health Care Professions has not been added to drop down


Could you be more specific? There are several MB reports on my dashboard. Which one are you referring to?


I see Health Care Professionals in the drop down when I select MB In-Progress from my dashboard.

Strange. I wonder if no one in your council has started or earned the MB and that is causing the problem.

I’ll ask the developers of this report to investigate.

I see it when I pull the report, I have 2 Scouts in my council who have started the badge

That is probably it. I was trying to see if anyone started.



It is a very new badge, so this is expected… and it isn’t Eagle Required so I don’t expect there won’t be a lot of Scouts getting it.


Can you post the URL of the report with the missing Health Care Professions option? The developers need this to help with their investigation.


The developers have confirmed you will not see a MB in the dropdown if no Scouts in your Council have started it. They have checked your Council and confirmed this is the case.

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