Report to Parents on Health Form AB/ABC expiration, payment balance, and the next 2 months of activities

It would be great to be able to hit a button and send out a report to Parents on Health Form AB/ABC expiration, payment balance, and the next 2 months of activities. Unless I am missing this, such reports are for the entire troop. Payment balances are “super private”, but I would rather not send out a troop report for all families. We allow our scouts to run negative balances on funds due.

This would be a nice “where do we stand” health form wise, money wise, and planning wise type of action.

If there is a way to do this today, without doing a report for each scout and sending it out by hand, please point me in the direction of a solution.

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Are you talking about a master report for the entire troop, or a mail merge that would pull the info for each Scout and send a status report to their parent?

I could see both of those being very useful.

You can use the feature assistant extension to send individualized balance updates. You can customize the email to say whatever you want.

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So, between what @jacobfetzer noted and a canned report for Health Form dates, you should be able to do this with two bulk emails… One from the Feature Assistant Extension for the account balances, and a second from the message module with a custom health date report and embedding the next 60 days of activities (which is built in to the message module).

Not as neat as one automated report, but I don’t think you have to roll through each Scout’s account individually…

Thank you Steve and Jacob. I will try it tonight!

It worked well. It makes me wonder what features from the feature assistant I am not leveraging!

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We moved to Scoutbook 18 months ago, and I’m still finding stuff about how it works and how the Feature Assistant Extension works.

Not just that, though. Gary does a great job trying to plug the holes in Scoutbook until ‘official’ fixes are put in place. Not many organizations have volunteer devs that dedicated.


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