Hello, World not showing up in earned awards

Two problems with the Hello, World Nova Award:

1 - The award image is not showing up with other awards (other Nova awards, Totin’, Cyberchip, etc…) in the scout’s profile.

2 - When completing item 4B, it doesn’t count the requirement as completed when doing one of the tasks as required. The only way to approve the award was just the blanket checkbox at the top of the screen.

I have reported this to the developers.

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STEM Nova Award identification

PAS code and title:
9212 Nova Scouts BSA: Hello, World



It’s almost 7 days.

Is there any news on this?

News of a fix will be made via the normal Scoutbook update posts and emails (if you choose to get them via email).

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Matt, thanks for the reply. I know that they use jira so a ticket number would be nice to know that they’re actually doing something. I’d rather not sign up and look through emails hoping that they fixed the problem.

The BSA does not release ticket numbers.

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Curious, I got a ticket number when I directly went through support for an issue a few years back.

How am I supposed to know that it’s been taken care of? The customer/user shouldn’t have to look through the release notes to see if the issue that’s plaguing them has been resolved.

I know the issue I brought up is small potatoes to the problems with the Scoutbook platform, but it’d be nice to know where it stands. I’ve worked in the industry for 20 years and not keeping a customer/user informed is not good business.

The BSA does not release their development schedule. The time you were given a ticket was when BSA National provided support to members. Now that all support is through your council or the forums, ticket numbers are not provided.

The only indication that an issue is fixed is the change log. The volunteers that monitor the forums do not have time to go back through forums looking for old issues to indicate they are fixed.

We recommend subscribing to the change log category so you are notified of changes.

Why should I as a generic usr subscribe to a thing that only people who are part of the development process care about? As a software engineer by trade I deal with enough of these in my professional life. Your average parent and/or scout leader shouldn’t be kept in the dark. We have to use this platform, the least that could be done is keep us appraised of progress.

How difficult is it to keep users appraised of the situation? For all I know I’d have to monitor it for months because maybe there’s major issues or updates that prioritize development resources.

I’m not asking volunteers to do anything. I am questioning this process and the decisions to not let the users know that an issue is being taken seriously.

If you disagree with the process the BSA has in place you will need to get your council staff to advocate on your behalf to change it.

The volunteers if the SUAC spend considerably more than an hour per day trying to help members. We do not have the time, along with our other Scouting duties (we are all leaders too) our jobs and our lives to track down every post from a user that reports a bug or asks for an enhancement and respond when the request is fixed.

Because the same report also informs users of interface changes, added features, and other updates.

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A JIRA ticket does not indicate an issue is being worked on, only that a request has been received.


I think what he is asking for is that when a bug is id’d, you get a ticket assigned to it. “We agree that is a bug, it is bug #123456”. Then when it is fixed it says “Bug #123456 has been fixed”. You can connect the reported bug with the announced fixed bug.

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I’m sorry but that isn’t correct. The whole point of jira is tracking progress of issues whether it’s a bug or a new feature. The status of an issue is an integral part of it to know whether it’s in the backlog, todo, in progress, completed, etc…

When an SUAC member says the BSA has been notified or that something is in the backlog, a JIRA ticket is opened by the developers. We are not permitted to share the ticket number.

@JDecker - sorry the world does revolve around you

Very classy response. Way to live the scout law.

I was curious why they don’t do things a certain way. My issue isn’t about me not knowing exactly where a trivial bug is in the pipeline. My issue is the lack of transparency because leaders have to use Scoutbook all the time but it’s a big unknown that the lion’s share of leaders/parents haven’t the slightest clue on.

I hesitated posting the bug I found because my previous adventures into the old forums garnered the same result. I asked why something with Scoutbook was the way it is and I get answers that read like I kicked the family dog and I’ve seen it happen to others too.

User experience and software development are passions of mine and I want to help the BSA put out the best experience out there for users many who are just using Scoutbook because there’s no alternative. I’ve been in the software engineering profession a long time and want to help because I believe in the program but get shut out or shut down every time.

I am glad that you reported the bug. We have alerted the developers, but we do not know when it will get fixed. Currently, they are working on some higher priority items.


@JDecker Nova award Hello World should be fixed now.