Help, awarded Webelo requirement to a Tiger, and can’t change it

My youngest is a Tiger. It appears that I awarded him a Webelos requirement when updating his older sibling (I’m the den leader), not sure how he even showed up as an option.

Now he has an approval request for a Webelos requirement, but I can’t delete it because I can’t access Webelos requirements for a Tiger.

Trying to figure out what to do to clear this.

Which Webelos requirement?

Youth protection pamphlet excercise.


What did you do that allowed you to add a Webelos requirement. This is not supposed to be possible.

The way to fix this is to move the Scout to a Webelos den, remove the requirement, then move the Scout back.

Oh boy! I was doing the Webelos Quick Entry for the den. His name must have appeared as an option and I didn’t catch it, but agree, I didn’t expect it to be there either.

Were you doing Quick Entry from the den page? Or from the pack page?

It must have been from a pack page, I just looked and saw that the option allowed me to choose anyone in pack I have access to…

I can’t get back to that screen though, and when going through den portal, it only shows my Webelos.

Yes, apparently I started in the My Family section, and when I got to my oldest and did quick entry, it shows all pack, not just den. Good grief! Since I only have direct control for my Webelos and my youngest, I didn’t even catch it.

@MarkHughes - yeah it matters where the QE originated. If I want a QE for anything I work from that den. I have burned myself in that fire a few times.

And know I know that…

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