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Regression: No longer have permissions to mark requirements for members of my Den

I can’t seem to mark off Adventure requirements for Webelos in my Den this morning. In the “Quick Entry” area it gives me the option to change my own son, but none of the other Webelos in my Den. Also, I can see profile information for the kids in my Den, I just can’t seem to mark off their requirements. In my Profile information, it still shows that my current roles include “Webelos Den Leader” & “Den Admin”.

This seems to be a new bug, since I was marking things off for my Den a few days ago and didn’t see any issues then. Did you guys push an update recently or something that may have broken my permissions?

Member ID: 125177692
Council: Crossroads of the West 590

try going to unit roster > click your name > click Den Admin > Update - if that does not do it have a unit admin check it

On the pack roster page, click your name, click your den admin position, and click update. Then, try again.

Nothing happens when I click my name in the Pack Roster page. But I’ve noticed when I click on my name in my Den page, it displays that “loading…” icon perpetually. In the browser console, I see the following exception being thrown (I can send a screen shot, if you’d like):
mobile-concat.js:3 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[data-positionid=153], a[data-positionid=154], a[data-positionid=157], a[data-positionid=158], a[data-positionid=213], a[data-positionid=310], a[data-positionid=311], a[data-positionid=312], a[data-canedit=0]
at Function.s.error (mobile-concat.js:3:29181)

a unit admin needs to end your den admin position and then re-establish it

Ok, I’ll talk to my Pack admins and see what they can do. Thanks

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