Scout not linking to scoutbook

I have a scout, 140294517, who is on our units roster on my.scouting (and on our recharter for 2024, probably not processed yet though), but it does not link to his scoutbook. (scoutbook says he is not on our units roster) Is there something we can do to fix it?


This scout’s last membership expired 12/31/23. You will need to work with your Council to have him registered for 2024 in order for him to be added to Scoutbook.

Thanks. It is because the recharter hasn’t processed yet. This error has been an error since 3rd week of December, before end of year expired. All the other scouts on the same recharter don’t have that error code. So I am wondering if there is something more to it than that. (fingers crossed)


This looks like a case where a parent and Scout account were mixed up. I put the Scout’s MID back on his proper Scoutbook account. Now on to fix the parent’s account.

I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! Thank you thank you!!!


This is all fixed. The parent needs to log in with (first initial)(Last name). The Scout with his e-mail address (not the Google Login button).

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