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Help find missing scout record

I am new to using Scoutbook. I have taken on the role of cleaning up the Cub Scout Pack records in this new tool. Two scouts were listed in an old den. I think I clicked on their name and their memberships and entered a date for when they completed that rank. Then I went back to the roster to add them to the new Den and their names do not appear on the roster anymore.

When I switch over to IA 2.0 their names still appear on our roster, so I don’t think I have deleted their records, I just cant find them in Scoutbook. Where did they go? How do I get them back listed in our pack?

go to My Dashboard > Mt Account > My Connections > look for scouts there and erase the end date you put on their membership in pack

I would also spend some time at help.scoutbook.com to learn a few items too - it will help alot


Thank you for your reply. When I follow your instructions they do not show up under “My Connections”. As I stated they do not show up anywhere in Scoutbook, however they do show up in Internet Advancement 2.0.

Please advise which items in help.scoutbook.com specifically should I be focused on?

Thank you.

Nathan Wiggers

With that in mind, you entered a date in the membership section ? There are two dates there start and end. An end date ends their membership in the unit.

I am thinking a screen share might be a good idea. Email me at sjhjr@comcast.net and we can look together.

When moving Scouts from within your pack to a different den, I recommend using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button found on the den pages. You can use this button to move other Scout(s) into the den. It is easier to select multiple Scouts this way and move them all at one.

The issue with ending a Scout’s membership, is that you are telling Scoutbook that the Scout is no longer a member of your unit. As a result, the Scout will drop off of your pack and den rosters, and in most cases, connections to Admins will be broken.

To move the Scouts back to your pack:

(1) Have a Pack Admins go to My Account -> My Connections page and look for the missing Scout there. If the Scouts are listed there, click on the Scout’s name, click on the Scout’s Membership, click on the past membership with the den / pack, then remove the Date Ended, and Update. (Parents and anyone connected to the Scout with Full Control permissions should also be able to do this.)

(2) If the Scout is not found under a Pack Admin’s connections, you can go to the Pack Roster page and use the “Transfer In Scout” button. In order to use this button you will need the Scout’s:

  • BSA member number
  • last name
  • zip code
  • gender
  • date of birth

You can get this information from the Member Manager at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools).

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