Help finding logins and moving accounts around

This has been an interesting year. I inherited my pack as Cubmaster and none of my leaders were registered or trained but were all in Scoutbook for previous years.

Pack 0059; Heartland District; Piedmont Council

I could use some big help getting these accounts figured out and merged.

Showing on her end to have a BSA Member ID# 134577 and User Id# 10430392

Showing on my unit roster to have person ID# 137440712 and showing to be trained and registered on as a Den Leader. Not showing on my.scouting or in Scoutbook.

BSA Member ID#135873945
USER ID# 9208700
Showing person id# 135873945 on my roster as trained and registered den leader but not in my.scouting or in Scoutbook

Showing person id# 137053483 on my roster and trained and registered den leader but he cannot find his personal account or login possibly under
Not showing in my.scouting or in Scoutbook. Thinks he has multiple log-ins over the years.

showing person ID# 137411457 on my roster and trained and registered as a Den leader but not showing in my.scouting or in my Scoutbook.

Please help.

I usually mean the official roster at my.scouting when I say “unit roster”, but I’ve seen folks use it to refer to the roster listed in Scoutbook. However, you indicate some of the folks show up in neither Scoutbook nor my.scouting. What is the source of the roster you’re working from?

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A roster someone from Council sent me.

That’s bizarre. I would probably reach out to them and ask why what they sent doesn’t match what’s in That is supposed to match what council has in their database, except shortly after changes made by the council, which should synchronize with 24-48 hours after the change.

There is a “roster” in BlackPug’s, but I would never use it for anything other than to cut down on typing into Summer Camp enrollment and other events.

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@DanielWhitehouse - in the interest of privacy and other concerns PLEASE REMOVE FULL NAMES

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@DanielWhitehouse I sent you a private message.

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