Scoutbook pack roster not opening

I know this issue has been asked before, and I did see the response to open the den roster.
However, the den roster does not show all the committee members whose information needs to be checked as with the recent update, we had our committee chair dropped.

So, what is the solution to the ‘error loading page’ when attempting to open the pack roster from scoutbook to see all members, including committee members, in the pack. This issue has been occurring since last week.

as a Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate open the Roster - that is the official roster - not Scoutbook

I understand your reply. However, scoutbook gives all detailed information easily in one place not available on the roster in Our committee chair appears to have 2 memberids and the roster is not showing what was the primary memberid. I have had to contact Angie. roster only shows the ID that is registered with the unit - that is the one that matters

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@DeborahDelano Your Committee Chair has 2 BSA member ID numbers. His Scoutbook account was set to the wrong one. I have fixed it. He also had 3 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.

His BSA member ID 135790177 seems to be missing a date of birth (DOB). Please contact your local council to have them add his DOB with their Registrar tools.

Thank you Jennifer. Since changes were made to scoutbook around Oct 24, we continue to have issues.

We had a scout, that was a transfer into our pack, drop off scoutbook and the latest roster.
His name is D.H., and his bsaid number is 13385091.
He is currently in out recharter roster as I have not refreshed.
I saw Rose Evans and Lynn Sevigny at the scout office, and they have a transfer scout in the same situation.

We also have a den leader, W.C., that now has 2 scoutbook userids.
The latest is the wrong one, and he is no longer tied to his den or child.
The cubmaster and I see his scoutbook userid as 1757397.
W.C. sees his scoutbook userid as 12855655.
W.C.’ bsaid is 135790177.

I haven’t had other den leaders check their accounts.
Can you explain what is occurring? Can you fix this issue also.

Deborah Delano
Pack 7350 Membership

@DeborahDelano The Scout with initials D.H. has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

13385091 - Expired registrations as a Cub Scout (last registration expired 12/31/2020)
14332850 - No registrations

Scoutbook will let you add a temporary membership for a Scout who is not registered, but if the Scout does not have a current registration, the automatic membership update will eventually remove them. You can see your official pack membership roster at my.scouting.

I am still working on the other issue.

@DeborahDelano The Den Leader with initials W.C. has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

134557258 - Den Leader and other registrations
13234162 - No registrations

I have set 134557258 as “primary”. You might need to wait on the overnight sync to run, but his issues should be fixed.

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