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Help - I forgot the 2 questions to recover Password

A lot of users hit this issue but there is a great feature to get around it.

My.Scouting.org now has a Chatbot in bottom Right corner and you can ask for help.

You can check YPT status, download YPT certificate via that as well.

In the future, we can add more capability to it based on ticket patterns and what is logical to handle via that medium.

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What if the user forgot their security question answer?

Getting a lot of calls wanting to reset their password and cant recall the answers. I tried the bot as though I didn’t know mine and was never allowed to reset my own password.

yes the Bot can help you solve that

interesting… it just keeps directing me back to answering those questions even though I tell it I don’t recall.

a third party server crashed last night and might be effecting it

for me

  • I forgot Password
  • do you know questions
  • no
  • what is last name
  • What is your Member ID
  • What is your Date of Birth

i have the idea to do so