Recover Member ID Tool

Has anyone had issues with the “recover member ID” function in the online registration? This is the point when you’ve selected youth or adult (youth in my case) and the youth has been registered before. There is an option by the Youth member ID entry space to recover the ID. When I click “Get Member ID” I have an error message pop up and the search box just has the spinning four dots of death.
I am using:
*1) Hardware: Desktop
2) Operating system: Windows
3) Browser: tried chrome, firefox, and even (gasp) IE. Same problem on all three.
*4) Browser cache has been cleared: yes
5) Member ID & Council of person affected: um, everyone?

The parent does not remember the answers to the security questions in order to access her account and try to backtrack into her scout’s number. I have no record of this scout to reference to find his number that way. I know this can probably be resolved with council but my weekdays are really busy and I do all my scout stuff at night and on weekends. The parent isn’t particularly computer savvy. A paper app is fine but I didn’t want to take the time to wait on USPS (scout office is hours away) so really wanted to handle this electronically. Any help is appreciated.

You can get past the questions using the BOT in bottom right of - just tell it forgot password

That sounds like a job for the parent. I tried to have them do that and they said “nothing happened”. I asked them to check the spam folder on their email but they said they didn’t get a reset email. If there is no way for me to get the scout’s number, I guess I will just fill out the paper app and send it in. Way easier than trying to get a hold of someone at council. lol