Help Merge Scout Profiles

Hello SB Admin…

Please somebody help to merge this scout.

@FLORIZELYASUHARA Please Do Not post names or personal data - all we need is BSA # - if we need more we will ask in a direct message - this is fixed

Thank you. Very much appreciated.


Can you help with mine please?

BSA 1: 137142602
BSA 2 (current council): 14741566

I am a bit confused with this one. It shows the scouts previous memberships, but it doesn’t show the advancements like it generally would, transferred over. (AOL and Religious Emblem) It also doesn’t show the Troop they transferred from. So I am thinking there may be a 3rd BSA number somewhere, or the previous Pack never properly transferred scout to the Troop after AOL was earned. I can’t figure this one out, if you can please take a look, I would be ever so grateful. Happy Halloween!

@JamieHaller I am having someone look at this - remind me Tuesday and we can fix

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Hi, one of our troop assistant scoutmaster is also having trouble with multiple accounts. This is his primary ID#136058203. He’s not able to update his YPT training because of the issue. Thanks for any advice you can give!

@HeatherLongstaff I saw one minor issue I fixed - but nothing I would think would prevent taking YPT - have them try again

Just sending a reminder as requested.

@JamieHaller that is fixed

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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