Yet another merge request

I have been chasing my council for weeks after we transferred 4 AOLs to our troop. One of the boys did not transfer and we have called and emailed in an attempt to resolve this. The transfer link is not working for this boy in internet advancement. Tonight, I tried to transfer him in Scoutbook by ending his membership in the pack and adding him manually to the troop. Scoutbook ended up giving him a new ID number. Can I get 13844054 merged with 13139891 under the first number?

@MichaelBrown11 The transfer tool might not be working because the Scout does not have a parent / child “relationship” at my.scouting.

Your council should be able to fix this by using their Registrar Tools and add parent(s) in the “Relationships” section.

I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

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