Transfers added as New Scouts

Hi! New Pack CC here. I sent in two transfer Scouts to be processed by our Council and they mistakenly created new accounts for them. Both Scouts now have two accounts with two different BSA numbers, and I only have access to the new “blank” accounts. How can I go about fixing this? Thank you!

Where they from another Council? What are the BSA #'s - we just need numbers - not names

When we moved to a new council I was given a new BSA ID and added as a new scout instead of them just moving my membership to the new council. Is it possible to merge my accounts? I already added them both to my my.scouting account and one is set as primary but I am wondering if they can be merged completely. My old ID is 134645245 and the new one is 136165351. I would rather keep the old ID as long as all of my advancements can be merged over to it.

@JosephCohen1 this is fixed - you have to keep the new MID - they are isolated to councils - but SB accounts are merged

YAY! Thank you so much!

@JosephCohen1 one odd thing his Tiger was completed 2017-12-11 - but never marked approved - honestly does not matter but if you want it talk to unit to add it or council

Hi! Yes, they were from another council. Here’s the stats:
Old council - National Captial Area Council
New council - Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak

Old BSA #136697253 Webelo
New BSA#13862034

Old BSA#136697200 Bear
New BSA#137307413

There should be old advancement/rank info on the old accounts that we’d like to keep. Thank you!

@TrishaCheek these 2 are fixed for you

Outstanding! Thank you!

I have the same issue going on in my pack. 11872444 and 11867376 are the numbers. Also the parent is saying that he lost access to log in to SB. Could this be related? Thanks so much!

I am having the same issue with one of my new transfer cub scouts as well.

Old Council: Alabama-Florida Council
New Council: Transatlantic Council

Old BSA # is 135557125
New BSA # is 13847668

Is there something we could have done to prevent this from happening? Thank you for any help you can give me.

There’s no guarantee, but I have found that manually transferring in the scout using Scoutbook, then updating Scoutbook address info for scout and parent to match the new address listed on the transfer application, together with making sure emails and birthdates all match the transfer application, and including the existing BSA ID on the transfer application tends to reduce issues.

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@MichaelHobson1 I was able to merge the Cub Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. However, I could not find a log in for the parent.

@DavidDiaz1 I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you! The den leader is very grateful! I will try to follow Charley’s recommendation once we figure out how to transfer in the cub’s siblings.

Various help docs for the transfer tools. ETA: Please note that the Scoutbook transfer tool does not file an official transfer, and filing a transfer form with the council is still necessary.

Thank you for the help! The strange thing is that SB is still showing two profiles for this Scout, but now they both have the same BSA ID. How do I remove the second profile?

Thanks in advance for the help!

@MichaelHobson1 Go to the Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook and add a date ended to his pack membership.

Does it matter which profile I add the date ending to?

Yes, you want to keep the membership in the Tiger Den. End the Pack Membership.