Help Merging 2 Adult Accounts from different councils

One of our adults moved into our council and ended up with two accounts. He’s tried the merge feature but we still have two of him showing up in our Scoutbook world (though the one he uses has the caution icon that he’s not registered with the unit). Seems all the magic happens here with these questions so details are provided below. :grin:

Can those be merged with the Primary ID shown below being officially tied to our unit (T776)?

Primary ID 136743522 - NOT officially linked to our unit
Secondary ID 136802676 - most recent account that IS officially linked to our unit but he has never accessed

Thanks in advance!

@DanielKallman the 2nd ID is your unit Registration for the user - but it is all cleaned up

Looks good from my side. I’ll have him double check, but THANK YOU!

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