Merge Adult, 2 ID in same Council

I have an adult leader that ended up with two BSA ID’s from our council (by mistake I guess). Both show on her my.scouting account, but she is registered to my unit under the new one and so gets booted out of Scoutbook when it syncs.

If she sets the old one as primary, she can’t see my unit. If she sets the new one as primary, she can’t see anything (not even her kids or my unit). I think somebody tried to merge but it failed? No idea.

Central GA Council
135706022 (original)
12505743 (new, how she shows on my.scouting for my unit)

Can you merge or help us figure out Scoutbook so she can see everything all at once.

I am working on this. It will take a little while to correct.

You are correct, someone tried to merge IDs but did so incorrectly.


This is partially fixed. Her position should sync to Scoutbook by 4:00 PM Central today.

I suggest you contact your Council and have them add her children as relationships to MID 12505743. They do this using the relationship tab in Registrar Tools. About 24 hours later she will be connected to her Scouts in Scoutbook.

She needs to log in with her ID that is her FirstnameLastname not her e-mail address.

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