Help - multiple my scouting login accounts + multiple BSA Ids

Hello, I have 3 login accounts tied to 3 different BSA IDs due to moving and changing councils over the last 5 years. I’ve tried the “Manage Member ID” to add the old accounts without any luck: “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile.” I think it might be because my profile names don’t match “Nicholas” vs “Nick”. Could you please assist in combining accounts including training into a single account?
Accounts are:
137514179 (current)
12816338 (old - but has majority of training listed) - this ID is tied to 2 login accts

@NicholasHitt looking at this for you

@NicholasHitt you had a few BSA #s - but I think it is all cleaned up now - training can take 24 hours to sync

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Donovan McNeil, Our Scoutmaster is having the same issue. How did you solve this?

@GregoryCrook We have some volunteer support tools. I have merged your Scoutmaster’s Scoutbook accounts.

@GregoryCrook I should add that your Scoutmaster has 2 BSA member ID numbers.

He should ask the local council to use their Registrar Tools to look up his children. In the “Relationships” section, he should be listed as part under his primary BSA member number. They should remove the other one as parent. Otherwise, his BSA member ID numbers might get flipped at Recharter.