Trainings split between 2 accounts

I have 2 BSA Member IDs and can not seem to figure out how to merge. Can you please assist?
I have completed several trainings on each and it is difficult to track.
12992832 and 13090550

Thank you!

You should be able to go to, click on Manage Member ID in the left side menu, and enter the second BSA ID:

You need to be sure to mark whichever BSA ID is current as your Primary. It may take 24 - 48 hours for the training to sync over. At one point, you had to toggle each to be primary to get training to sync.

Hi Melissa, it looks like you have 4 BSA member numbers.

It looks like 13090550 is missing your date of birth. Try logging in at my.scouting and going to:

Menu → My Profile

Are you able to add your date of birth there?

No, I cannot interact with that field.

Are you able to share any information about those other 2 accounts that I didn’t list?

I will send you a private message.