Help resetting Scoutbook / password for parent

Hello, Scoutbook User Advisory Council. Thank you for all that you do.

I have a parent struggling to reset their password. They have an old scoutbook account due to having an older son.

Can you please reset the password for Member ID # 13227195 (user ID 1860746)? I confirmed the email address on file in scoutbook profile is correct.

Have them go to and try to login there using their gmail email as their login name.

If they have issues, tell them to click on
and then Password Reset

@WilliamNelson This might not work, because the parent has 2 my.scouting usernames. The one with the e-mail as the username is missing DOB and zip code. Parent has a second BSA member number associated with the same e-mail address.

Correct, we keep trying DOB and zip code with the email address and cannot reset. (This email is linked to the scout, which i can see in scoutbook).

@MichaelDaniel Please have her try again using this BSA member number:

14083670 (this one has her DOB and zip code)

and her my.scouting username which is her:


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