Parent Can't Login / Password Reset

I have a parent who can’t login. This is her email to me:
I have been receiving your emails about the troops activities but I am having a really hard time logging in to scoutbook at all. Every since they did maintenance I can’t use my previous username and password. I have tried to create a new account but it won’t let me. I try to retrieve my old information but it won’t send it to me. Am I supposed to make a new account now that Matthew is in Boy Scouts instead of Cub Scouts? Can you please help me or send me to someone who can because I am at a total loss!
Since I can’t assist her by sending her a password reset, please advise.

Please post the parent’s BSA member number or Scoutbook userID number (found on the parent’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook). We will take a look.

Parent A.M.
UserID: 2482865

My spouse cannot log in to scoutbook using the username/password. He gets in a loop and is not able to reset the password or make a new account in scoutbook.
His member ID is 13769243. Craig Hughes is the name

@KarinLee_Hughes is he using Cappyhughes to log in? He should try using the Bot on to reset password - he can just tell it “Forgot Password”

I will forward this to him and so he can connect with you

I have a parent who cannot log in to Scoutbook. I had him try the above Password Reset tip using the Bot icon. He could not complete the reset because he apparently needs a member ID. He has no BSA Member ID, (and his SB profile shows nothing in that field in his Profile). SB does have a User ID, but I assume that’s not what’s needed?

Any suggestions?


And the reset password link in Scoutbook is not working?

SB’s reset link does not work for him.

I sent you a private message. Click on your avatar in the upper right of the forum window.

I also have a parent who is unable to log on to Scoutbook today, since the maintenance.
The parent’s name is Shane Martinez and her UserID is 1174777 (no BSA ID)

Is this something that is affecting random people, or will all of the parents encounter this issue when they try to log in now?

Thank you

Bryan Martin

Parents should not have trouble logging in. In your case, the parent should be using their ID and password, which in this case is their e-mail address. The last time this parent logged in was about 2 hours ago.

I also have a parent that is having trouble. She can log in but only has access to her Cubs, not her son, who is now a member of our Troop. Her name is *, BSA ID is 132330365 and Scoutbook User ID is 9806010.

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