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Parent Can't Login / Password Reset

I have a parent who can’t login. This is her email to me:
I have been receiving your emails about the troops activities but I am having a really hard time logging in to scoutbook at all. Every since they did maintenance I can’t use my previous username and password. I have tried to create a new account but it won’t let me. I try to retrieve my old information but it won’t send it to me. Am I supposed to make a new account now that Matthew is in Boy Scouts instead of Cub Scouts? Can you please help me or send me to someone who can because I am at a total loss!
Since I can’t assist her by sending her a password reset, please advise.

Please post the parent’s BSA member number or Scoutbook userID number (found on the parent’s Edit Profile page in Scoutbook). We will take a look.

Parent A.M.
UserID: 2482865

My spouse cannot log in to scoutbook using the scouting.org username/password. He gets in a loop and is not able to reset the password or make a new account in scoutbook.
His member ID is 13769243. Craig Hughes is the name

@KarinLee_Hughes is he using Cappyhughes to log in? He should try using the Bot on my.scouting.org to reset password - he can just tell it “Forgot Password”

I will forward this to him and so he can connect with you