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Hide old awards/advancement

The Cubmaster/Committee Chair should be able to hide items from everyone’s view that can’t be worked on

For example, my new Webelos Den will be following the 2019-20 requirements. I should be able to hide the old requirements. There’s absolutely no chance we’ll work off of the 2010 outdoor activity award or the super achiever award either given both are dead.

Would create a cleaner entry system for the pack

These items have historically been left in place to ensure people who previously earned them, but were not able to log them in their records at the time (e.g. not using Scoutbook), are able to log them.

I haven’t heard whether BSA IT plans to obsolete these for new entry on a rolling basis (e.g. as no one is left who could have earned the awards) or if it’s all sitting there until Scoutbook is 100% replaced by IA2.

Awards that are no longer available to be earned have the word RETIRED at the top of the requirements page If an award has multiple versions, Scouts should always start working on the most recent version.

As Charley said, old awards continue to be available for historical purposes. At this time the BSA has no plans to remove old awards.

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