Horsemanship merit badge

I am trying to add the horsemanship badge for several members of our troop, and it is not listed in scoutbook.
Is anyone able to help? Am I missing something?
Thank you!

Try going to an individual Scout’s Advancement page. Do you already see the horsemanship merit badge listed for that Scout?

I tried that, and it is not listed. Do you see it on your site?

Yes, I see it. What do you see when you go to an individual Scout’s Membership page under “Current Membership”?

Okay, it showed up when I used the search function. Thanks!

@MeganKressin - I looked at Advancement for a number of scouts in my troop and it was there as a merit badge to be added. Could you step us through your process as it may help.

It looks as if I had to search for it for each scout, and I had been trying to do it in bulk. It is working now–thanks!

Did you try using Quick Entry → Enter Merit Badges (or Enter Merit Badge Req.) from the main troop page?

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