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How are "Frost Points" calculated?

Is there a good reason to be diligent about recording these?

I understand what they are, but where are they used in advancement etc? In our Council, we have the “Polar Bear” award that many do, but that just requires it hit 32F or less anytime while camping in a tent.


“Frost Points” is a holdover from before Scoutbook was purchased by the BSA.

Some councils have a “polar bear” type of award. The criteria for earning the award varies, so you would have to check and see if your council uses Frost Points or some other criteria.

Yes, for those who have a local award for frost points. No, for those without. A unit could use this feature to track something else, but they do not have the ability to change the name.

Longs Peak Council (where Scoutbook was born) has a patch, the 100 Degrees of Frost Award. The requirements below were taken from the LPC pdf. Other councils have similar awards, i.e., Montana Council and Daniel Webster Council (NH). Cold weather camping is an adventure in many places. Some councils have a Polar Bear Award for camping when the tempurature dips below freezing. Denver Area Council’s Polar Bear requires camping below zero.

The 100 Degrees of Frost Award is presented to the Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, or adult leader who “earns” 100 or more below freezing points annually between October lst and May 30th. One point is awarded for each degree below freezing recorded during a campout. The degree of temperature is determined by the “official” weather bureau station nearest the campsite; however, a leader’s thermometer reading will be accepted. Degrees (points) cannot be carried over to another season!


  1. Eight continuous hours must be spent between sunset and sunrise in a lean-to, snow shelter, under canvas (tent), or in the open.
  2. No stoves or heaters are permitted in the tents or shelters.
  3. Open fires are permitted as long as they do not constitute a hazard to the shelter or the surrounding area.
  4. Scouts and Venturers must be accompanied at all times by leadership approved by the Unit Committee.
  5. Organized District or Council activities may be used, as long as all rules are followed. Make-up nights and backyard camping for those who miss outings due to illness, etc., are authorized.

A special 100 Degree Frost Award patch is available from Council Service Centers. Unit leaders certify campers who have met the requirements. The award may be earned more than once.

For scouts who camp two nights every month through the CO/WY/NE cold season, it is easy to earn 100 points. Some troops have there own patch for 200 points in a season.

Awesome background! You should add this to the documentation.

We were “proud” to camp one weekend in 4” of snow where it got to 26F. A mere 6 frost points. My hats off to those at 100 in ONE SEASON!!!

In Green Bay, it wouldn’t be hard to find the points, it would be hard to find the Scouts who wanted to earn 100 of them.