Distinguishing Nights Under canvas from other "camping" experiences

I know this was discussed a couple of years ago, but I really think a flag to distinguish between tent camping and other types of camping experiences is needed to help us deal with camping requirements for the Camping MB, OA and other cases. We have parents who see just camping nights and don’t see the difference between tenting & cabin camping noted in the activity log report. You have a denotation for “Frost Nights” which I doubt anyone uses, why not an “Under canvas” notation. With a total update of the system, this is time for a change in recording camping activities.

@RobertFredericks_III - on frost points:

For years we used another Scouting DB, whose name I won’t mention, but it all along had the ability to tag a camping activity as cabin camping to distinguish it from under canvas. Furthernmore is accurately calculated nights under canvas for the Camping MB (including the long term camping issues and OA eligibility using the long term camping requirement and date range. I don’t have any complaints against units using the “frost points” for winter camping but I feel significantly more units deal with the Camping MB & OA than use the frost points. If that’s a remnant from a former iteration of the software, fine, but let’s look to making the product one that will make the leaders of the majority of our units easier.

@RobertFredericks_III We have requested a flag for cabin nights. We do not know when or if it might be added.

In the meantime, what we do is add:

[under the sky]
[snow shelter]

To the subject line in the camping logs to distinguish.

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There are items in the backlog to expand the logs but we do not know if or when the BSA will schedule them for implementation.

What I recommend is prefixing camping event names with Tent:, Cabin: etc. so they can be distinguished in the reports.


Thanks for replying Ed. It’s good to know that BSA is aware of the desire of us for the flag. I have been trying to make sure people describing the events place CABIN in the description when it applies, but it’s a pain to have to co through each scout and do a manual count to get the number of “under canvas” nights whenever you need the info.


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