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How can a leader subscribe to comments on a merit badge

Hi, fellow scouting family. I’m trying to work out how to use scoutbook effectively within our troop. I see that a scout can start a new merit badge and then request that a leader assign a merit badge counselor via a comment. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to notify the leader that they have been referenced in a comment (for instance, I cannot @darraghballesty to inform that person that there’s a new comment).

Is there a way for a leader to either (a) run a report with new comments from all scouts, or (b) or subscribe to a merit badge to get notifications?

I’d appreciate it if someone could help me understand how the comments section is supposed to work (particularly notifying someone).

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Scoutbook does not provide a way to subscribe to notes added to advancement.

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Is there any way to run a report to see comments for all scouts, or is the intended design that the leader will proactively review the comments for all active merit badges? I want to make sure that the scout gets prompt feedback.

Also - is there a feature in the backlog to notify someone with an @someone? That could be a solution.

I want to try to disambiguate “leader” in the discussion, since there are two different “leaders” that could be in play here. I’m going to refer to unit leaders (e.g. SM, ASM, advancement chair) as unit leader and the merit badge counselor as the MBC.

If the counselor is connected as a MBC in Scoutbook, there is a tool within the Feature Assistant Extension that allows the MBC to run a report on the scouts with whom they are connected for merit badges. It does not, AFAIK, harvest the comments. The way I have used it with my scouts is to have them mark as “Completed” any requirement that they think is done, and put a description in the comments (what they did, photos, etc) so I have an idea what we’ll be discussing the next time we get together. With the extension report, I can see what’s “Completed”, and then go to the scout’s account to review the comments. I also give guidance or sometimes even credit (depending on exactly what the requirement says) based on those notes.

For a unit leader, the Needs Approval report will show anything that has been marked as “Completed” but not yet marked “Leader Approved”. If you click on a particular scout from that report, you will see the comments for any requirements that were entered in a requirements that still needs “Leader Approval”.

ETA: Here’s an example of a how a rank requirement shows in the Needs Approval list once you click on an individual scout:

And here’s one for a merit badge requirement:

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This is helpful. I’m really looking to see if I should encourage the use of the comments functionality. If it doesn’t send notifications, then I’m afraid that it will lead to disengagement from the scouts (“but I posted a comment and you didn’t respond…”). I may recommend that they use comments to share material with a MBC, but otherwise will request that they use phone/in-person as a better way to ensure communication doesn’t get lost.

Thanks for the advice.


We have ASMs assigned to each patrol as mentors for the PLs, and they try to help coordinate with the scouts in the patrol on getting their advancement logged. It’s an imperfect process at best, though. Good luck!

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