How can we force record to sync from ScoutNet to ScoutBook?

How can I force ScoutNet to sync a person’s record to ScoutBook? I know that usually the upload happens overnight (except on weekends?). But what are the triggers that mark the ScoutNet record to be synced? On several occasions we have registered new merit Badge Counselors only to find that their MBC Registration did not push to ScoutBook overnight. Sometimes this is due to a problem with the data, but there is no indication (besides the registration not pushing thru) that it failed, or the cause of the failure. Other times, it just seems random. Then sometimes, 2-4 days later, the sync happens?

So here are my questions/comments:

  1. When the ScoutNet to ScoutBook sync happens, could it keep a log (by Council) of which records had errors, and what those errors were? We could check the log the next day to find any problems to correct them. It would be good if the logs were kept around for several days or until we delete them, expecially over long weekends.

  2. Is there something we can do in ScoutNet to force a sync from ScoutNet to ScoutBook? At present, it is not clear what changes to a person’s ScoutNet record trigger a sync. In the past, if a record did not sync overnight, I have tried adding a “-x” to the person’s name. That frequently works, but not always. And then I have to go back to the person’s ScoutNet record, remove the “-x”, and then wait another day for it to push to ScoutBook. This is clumsy.

  3. Besides being unwieldy, changing the name does not always cause a sync. Plus it requires two or more days to complete. Since it is not clear what changes to the ScoutNet record consistantly cause a sync, how about adding a “Sync to ScoutBook” flag field to the Private ScoutNet screen. We could check the flag when we want to be sure the record syncs. And the sync process could clear the flag once the sync completes. Maybe it could also indicate if there was a error on the sync?

  4. And finally, could you share nights and times that the sync normally runs? It is my impression it runs on Monday-Saturday nights, but not on Sunday night. However there are times we enter several records, but only some of them push thru to ScoutBook. Which leads to the question: Does the sync take so long that sometimes it only does part of it one night, and delays the rest until a subsequent night? This could explain why it sometimes takes several days for Merit Badge Counselor registrations to show up in ScoutBook.

Thanks for your consideration.

Greg Buchanan
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

I have a Merit Badge Counselor whose registration is not pushing from ScoutNet to ScoutBook.

BSA MID = 13298955 is registered as a Merit Badge Counselor on ScoutNet.
His ScoutBook MID = 10000973 does not show any Counselor registration.
Therefore he doesn’t show up as a counselor on Scoutbook, and I am unable to upload his badges to ScoutBook…

He was first registered as a counselor on ScoutNet about 4/6/2021, along with others counselors.
On 4/7/2021, the other counselors all showed up on ScoutBook, but he did not.
Since then I have tried modifying items on his ScoutNet record to force a push to ScoutBook, but to no avail.
According to Member Care screens, the links between ScoutNet and ScoutBook are correct.
Find Person shows he had a second BSA MID - 134167734 - but that record is marked Deleted.

How can we get his registration to push thru to ScoutBook?

I have requested a position sync for him, he should be in Scoutbook in the morning.

Thanks William,
I checked this moring and his record pushed to ScoutBook.

Is there anything I can do from the Volunteer Support services tools to force a sync so I don’t have to bother you? I had tried various changes to his ScoutNet record, but that didn’t seem to cause the push.

Appreciate your help.

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