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Need a sync/push of MBC registration from ScoutNet to ScoutBook

I have a Merit Badge Counselor and I am having problems getting her MBC registration to sync over to ScoutBook.

When I look at her using Member Services, I see two entries in ScoutBook. Both have the same ScoutBook UID, but one does not have a Council assigned. Of course I cannot look at the one that has “No Council”. I have noticed these duplicate ScoutBook UIDs on other folks as well. Could this be why her ScoutNet registrations are not correctly syncing to ScoutBook record? Could the two instances of the same number in ScoutBook be causing the sync to fail? Is there some way I can “merge” those two ScoutBook accounts (remember they both have same ScoutBook UID but one has “No Council”)?

Secondly, her Merit Badge Registration has not pushed to ScoutBook from ScoutNet. Is there some way I can force that push? Or do I keep having to ask here for that to happen? I have registrar permissions on ScoutNet.

Pertainent information:
ScoutNet MID: 134610339
ScoutBook UID: 2395993
My.Scouting ID: 11085074

I have another one that needs a sync as well.

BSA MID: 130326680
ScoutBook UID: 9149242 (No Council listed for this one)
My.Scouting ID: 4886862

Thanks, in advance,

Greg Buchanan

PS. If there is a “secret sauce” you don’t want to let out, you can email me at gfbuchanan49@gmail.com

I requested a position sync on BSA MID 134610339.

BSA MID 130326680 does not appear to have any current registrations, so requesting a position sync would not do anything.

Thanks for the push on the first one.

I am looking at the ScoutNet record for 130326680 and I see a current MBC registration?


Was she just updated yesterday or today? Sometimes it takes 24-48 hours for things to sync over.

Yup. Looks like she was just registered today. My Bad. I will check her again tomorrow.

Appreciate your help.


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@GregoryBuchanan Hi Greg, in the council volunteer support tools, you should be able to request a position sync. I think for VST it is called “Sync form Person Record”.

Syncs happen at 4am/pm CST

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Jennifer, Thanks for the response. I will try it next time and give it overnight to push thru.

I renewed 16 MBC registrations that were dropped from ScoutBook late Friday because they had not renewed. Up until that time they had been carried in ScoutBook, but with no Badges listed. I re-registered them on Sunday about 4:30pm PDT. I checked this morning and they had not pushed thru to ScoutBook overnight. I checked again this evening at 4:30pm PDT and they still did not push thru to ScoutBook.

So I am still trying to understand when records automatically sync to ScoutBook, and when I have to request the sync. I would expect renewing a registration would trigger a sync. But my experience this weekend indicates apparently not? Or is it just that syncs don’t happen on weekends?

Based on your previous message that syncs happen at 2am/pm Central time, I expected the registrations I entered on Sunday would show up on ScoutBook by Monday morning. But they didn’t. So is the sync not run on weekends? And even if that is true, I don’t understand why the 2pm Monday sync didn’t push them thru? Or could the fact that they were automatically dropped have some bearing on this?

As a test, I requested a Sync of Positions from Person Records for three of the 16. I will check again in the morning to see if the original 16 have pushed thru, or just the 3 I synced, or maybe none?

Any light you can shed will help me better plan how/when to expect registrations to show-up in ScoutBook.


The 16 counselors whose MBC registrations were renewed on Sunday about 4 pm did not show up on Scoutbook Monday morning or Monday afternoon. They did show up on Tuesday morning. So it looks like there was no sync from ScoutNet to Scoutbook overnight on Sunday night, and none done at 2pm on Monday either.


Sync timing is all dependent upon system load. I there was a large number of individauls in the sync queue the last few days. While sync usually happens within 24 hours, the spec says they need to be done within 48 hours.

Thanks for the info Ed. I wish someone had mentioned this earlier. I have been trying to understand why sometimes my MBC registrations sync over night, and sometimes they don’t. It is frustrating when I upload the MBC’s to ScoutBook, and get seemingly random errors.

Am I correct in my understanding that the sync runs twice a day, at 2am and 2 pm? And does it run 7 days a week?

The seemingly random syncs make it difficult to know when to upload my Council’s MBC list after adding counselors.


Some syncs start at 3am/pm CST - not sure if all do both am/pm

Would it be possilbe for “them” to let us know what the “normal” sync schedule is? And about how long it takes to run? So we know when to upload our MBC updates to ScoutBook after registering counselors? That way I won’t be wasting my time and BSA computer resources uploading a new MBC list to ScoutBook when the registrations haven’t been sync’ed yet.


Well what I would advise is use the system as designed and have MBs listed in ScoutNET - almost all issues disappear when councils move that that system

Unfortunately, that system does not have the capabilities of the Data Base I have created to manage our Counselors. I can generate reports for individual counselors or units as well as publish District and Council MBC lists to distribute to unit leaders. I generate a personal MBC renewal letter that contains the badges and contact info for the counselor and email it to each counselor at charter renewal time. We have been using this system to track our counselors for more than 10 years. Plus the forms based interface to enter Badges in ScoutNet is clumsy and slow to use.


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