Unable to sync to ScoutBook record "ScoutBook user belongs to a different council" error

I need to sync Merit Badge Counselor registration to a ScoutBook user record. However, that ScoutBook record shows “No Council” and I am unable to open it or sync a Person record to that Scoutbook user record. How do I push the person’s Merit Badge Counselor registration to their ScoutBook record. They were registered as an MBC several days ago so this should not be a system backlog issue.

Primary membership
MemberID: 118014195
ScoutBook UID: 9655284
MyScouting AID: 1164395

Duplicate records:
MemberID 13758139
SB UID: 11747572
MyScouting AID: 11455905

Thanks for any help.

Make sure the user has both BSA ID numbers on their Scoutbook/My.Scouting profile.

@GregoryBuchanan this should be fixed - the user (IF they are loggin in) would use my.scouting credentials

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I see that the ScoutBook 11747572 account is now marked deleted.
But the original ScoutBook 9655284 account, the one we wanted to keep, has vanished?
I cannot find it using either it’s acct # or the counselor’s name.
Any idea what happened to it when the 11747572 account was marked deleted?

So instead of having two ScoutBook accts, she now only shows the deleted account.
Any idea what happened and what I should do to help her?


284 account has a MBC in Council 055 - this user has NEVER logged into scoutbook - they can user their my.scouting.org username and password

OK, thanks. But is that why when I use VST ScoutBook to search for her, it doesn’t show up at all?

Using your current login you should see her as you are in 055 also - @GaryFeutz thoughts?

That was what I thought. But I don’t see her. Could she have gotten assigned to a different council by accident?

One other point. The second ScoutBook acct, 572, had the “changeyouremail” address?