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Does my Troops Scoutbook Automatically Sync to ScoutNet?

When I was a Cubmaster in 2017, there was a period where we could set up Scoutbook to Sync with ScoutNet. I became Committee Chair of my Troop earlier this year but am unsure if the Troop Scoutbook account is setup to sync to ScoutNet. Do I need to set this up manually or is syncing now an automatic process?



It should be setup already to push Approved items to Scoutnet - you can look at the roster and make sure the Scouts have a A with a circle beside their names

Assuming you mean advancement data, Scoutbook is now the official record.

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I started my adult scouting career about 11 years ago when ScoutNet was the official record. When Scoutbook started it was not a substitute for ScoutNet. So yes, now that I have gone from programming to administration, I was not aware that Scoutbook had supplanted ScoutNet. I am used to paper forms and a ScoutNet printout. We are still having Council enter our records into Scoutbook, assuming they made it “official”. I have access to do it but did not realize that we could make it the official record. This is more important in Boy Scouts than Cub Scouts and I have not gotten clarification from Council. Thanks for the info!

Membership and advancement (and now activity logs) are different things.
Scoutnet is being phased out. I believe that depending on the program and type of member, the membership data is in different databases. Scoutbook is not the official BSA membership record database. It is the advancement database. I doubt that the council is entering data into Scoutbook. The copying of membership data into Scoutbook is a background process.

My understanding is that in 2017 existing units in Scoutbook needed to sync the members data once in order to copy the official membership data to Scoutbook

For membership, if your council has authorized it, many new members can be registered via the online registration system. Some member registration must be done by the council professional staff.

The following 2017-2019 roadmap plans may help folks to understand long-term planning impacted by chapter 11 restructuring and COVID-19:

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