How do den leaders view the advancements of their entire den together?

They’re looking for a big grid (like a spreadsheet) to be able to see all of them in one view. Does that exist?

I would have expected it to be here:

I’ve done some searching and feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Is that not what CS Advancement and Adventure Report does?

This gets us close but it would be nice to have a grid with all of them (or even multiple dens if possible).

Scoutbook > Cub Scout History Report

I’m the CC, so I don’t have any visibility into this page, so maybe there’s something there?

That seems to show all cubs, not just their den and no indication or filter of den level.

If from that report you could filter it to a specific den and then expand it so that it showed each user down the left and each advancement/adventure across the top, that would be great. They really don’t just need to know a summary of how many a/a items, they need to know which specifically each cub has. Some green/yellow/red scoring of who has completed parts would be even better.

Report Builder has a lot of options. You can build a custom report and then share it with them.

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@DavidO based on an earlier post that referenced an advancement mini-report (found in the Scoutbook help guide), you can easily build on in Report Builder (and then share to others within the Pack).

Go to Report Builder.
Select Den(s) from the left column.
On the right column select:

  • Badge(s)
  • Rank status
  • Rank Requirements
  • All Adventures
  • Show % complete
  • Show Dates
  • Show Requirement Descriptions

Give it a try and see what you think.

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Thank you. I’ll try that.

Can they build their own reports or does a K3 have to build them and share them?

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@DavidO both options are available. Leaders can build their own, or a leader can build and share (share, I believe, shares with all leaders in the unit).

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