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Advancement Report for Pack?

I know that IAR reports for Packs are dead, but I am looking to build a report and I am looking for best settings to use to find Cubs who haven’t yet achieved their next rank - so, for example, any 2nd graders who haven’t yet completed their Wolf rank, etc.

Any insights?

I would recommend using Report Builder Manager to create a report for each den or den level.

  1. Go to your main pack page.
  2. Click on Pack Reports
  3. Select “Report Builder Manager”
  4. On the left side, click on New Cub Scout Rpt.
  5. Select a den or dens from the same den level (for example: if you have 2 Wolf dens)
  6. Go to [Wolf] Badge (the rank badge appropriate for the den level)
  7. Select Rank Status
  8. If you want, you can also select Rank Requirements
  9. If you want to select one or more adventure(s), click on the carat symbol to expand the list of adventures.
  10. You can also select the Bobcat badge, if you wish.
  11. Scroll down to Settings, and see if you want to select any of those options.

Repeat for the other dens / den levels.

For that, I don’t even mess with reports. I just go to my pack roster, click the gear icon above the scouts list, and select next rank percent and group by den.

It depends on how much detail you want. If you just want to know who’s made rank, then Jacob’s solution is quick and easy. If you want more details, you can create your own reports using Report Builder.


I’m looking for a little more detail - and I am specifically looking for is which boxes to check if anyone has built something like this.

Maybe use case will help: I am an ADC, and I want make a video to teach Pack leaders to make their own advancement report so I can help identify Scout families to talk to and help make custom plans to get the Scouts activities that will move them toward completing their rank before the July deadline.

So if anyone has advice as to which report settings will best help me build the report I need for this, I would be very grateful.

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